Open your heart and listen, I am speaking to you.

Animals and Ann have always had a bond. Since childhood she has "talked" to the animals and they have answered her. Horses and dogs have been Ann's first love, but she has worked with and cherished many different species.

Her degree in Animal Health from the University of Minnesota enabled Ann to do what some animal lovers only dream of. She worked for USDA Veterinary Services in the Animal Welfare program. This gave her hands on contact with circus animals, exotic animals and birds, research animals, livestock and domestic animals. Bottle feeding a baby elephant, holding day old tiger cubs, petting giraffes and walking side by side with the bears were but a few of the wonderful experiences she enjoyed.

After managing a large scale mobile vaccination clinic she turned to another love, helping the helpless. She founded and ran a humane society and now manages a Great Dane rescue and sanctuary.

Because of a very special friend, "V", Ann opened her heart and mind and embraced her gift. Ann is also a Shamanic Practitioner and does energy work for humans and animals.  Ann has traveled to the Amazon Jungle in Peru, working with a Shaman and conversing with the wild jungle animals.  She has also traveled throughout Europe, visited with animals in Iceland and Alaska and spent time with the animals in South Africa.