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PLEASE NOTE, I CAN ONLY DEAL WITH ANIMALS THAT HAVE BEEN GONE A WEEK OF LESS with a high degree of success. Please read the "Golden Cord Meditation" on the sidebar for more detail on how this works. The longer the animal has been missing the chance of recovery decreases. You will be working with me to contact your pet.


This is not meant to replace seeing your veterinarian. I will ask the animal if it is experiencing any discomfort and if so where and to what degree. Because my "conversations" with an animal are auditory and visual I am usually able to travel within the body and see areas that do not look normal. I have been able to detect fetuses as early as 2 weeks after breeding and is some cases determine number and sex. I have also been able to pick up infections and non viable fetuses. This can be crucial in saving your pets life. AGAIN, A VETERINARIAN MUST SEE THE ANIMAL THE MINUTE ANYTHING ABNORMAL IS DETECTED BY YOU.


When death is imminent I will talk with you and the animal to discuss what is going on, what the animal wants and how you can help the animal. Additional contacts before passing are $30 each.


Please wait until the animal has been gone at least a week. The first question I hear from every animal is "why are humans so upset about death". We have much to learn from our friends and they have merely moved on to another place. If the animal has been gone for years the spirit has most likely moved on and I will not be able to contact it. I will help you learn how to talk to your passed pet and feel its presence.


Why do you not like the car? Is there something in the house that is bothering you? Who is your best friend? How can I make you less afraid, happier, eat better etc. Any questions you want to ask your pet can be addressed. However a huge list of questions is quite impossible to do in one session so it is best to just focus on one or two areas. Often this will expand as the animal answers your question.


As well as being an animal communicator I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Level II Reiki Practitioner. I prefer to do this work hands on with the animal but can do distance work if need be. This work assists the animal in raising its energy level to help it deal with whatever the situation may be. This is NOT medical work, rather spiritual and energy based.

Please be sure and enter what you are paying for and the price.
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