Here are a few of the testimonial letters I have received from my clients.

My name is Nici and I have come to value and rely on the wisdom & abilities of Ann Heinrich - animal communicator. She is wonderful with my dogs and is able to understand in them what I do not. Every single piece of information she has given me from them has been exact ... and in the best interest of my beloved dog family! I could not have made the right choices without her critical input. She is an Amazing Human Being!!!!  Nici

During one of the darkest periods of our lives, Ann Heinrich was able to use her gift to help us uncover the fears, the frustrations, as well as the mental and physical needs of several of our animals. Ann's ability to communicate with our animals gave us an insight on what we could do to make them more comfortable and at ease at a VERY difficult and heart breaking time. Ann's compassion for both the human and canine members of our family was greatly appreciated. I have used other Animal Communicators in the past - and while I have found some of the readings to be questionable, Ann gave us un-prompted information that confirmed her ability to communicate with our dogs. We will be forever grateful for Ann's help!   Kymm C

In the final weeks I spent with my 17 year old cat, Miranda, I turned to Ann, hoping to make Miranda's departure a timely and compassionate event for both of us.
Ann facilitated communication between me and my cat, and I was able to have all my questions and concerns addressed. Miranda and I were able to plan her care, and ultimate transition, together.
Ann also informed me that my 18 year old cat, Fonz, who passed on a year ago, had returned to be with his long time friend again. He stayed by Miranda's side those final weeks, and was there to guide her soul at the time of departure. Knowing Miranda had her buddy with her again was a great comfort to me.
With Ann's ability to bridge the connection between Miranda and me, I was able to completely embrace her departure with a sense of peace, acceptance, and a celebration of the 17 years we had shared together. I will be forever grateful to Ann.  Ann H, (no relation)!

Hi, My name is Mikki. I've always been a little skeptical of animal communications, after all who is to say the communicator is telling the truth? the Dog can't tell me, right?  Well, in talking w/Ann, I asked if she could find out if my girl Phoebe was pregnant (she was only 2-3 weeks, but this litter was long awaited and I was excited!)  Well, with only a picture of my girl and never meeting her "in person", Ann was able to confirm pregnancy! She was w/in 1 pup in her count and even stated that she wasn't sure that they'd all be born and we did have one still born....Her description of my girl's responses and attitude were exactly as I'd always thought Phoebs would talk if she could...Over all it was a great experience and I'd recommend Ann to anyone that can't wait (like me!) to find out if they're going to soon hear the pitter pat of little puppy feet!  Thanks Ann for all your help!   Mikki

Ann went above and beyond my expectations for her. Our Yorkie/Shih Tzu went missing on a Saturday night and we looked for him until 1am that night. On Sunday we searched all day again, and again on Monday and we handed out flyers, called all the local vets,etc. On Tuesday we decided to try a different approach. Ann was referred to us from another person and we thought we would give it a try because we were desperate. Ann was of great help. She was able to tell us exactly where he was. She told us "white house, gray roof, red barn next door with white trimming. He is in the cornfield by there, crouching down." After searching through the cornfield and not finding him we called Ann again and turns out he was on the move. Ann took us into consideration and cared about our pet as if it was hers. She helped us to the best of her ability. After we had went home for a bit, I received an email from Ann saying that she had spoken with Sparky and that he was in a yard with a big toy duck, and little kids. The house was a tan stucco color with red/brown trim. She said that Sparky showed himself jumping into a woman's arms and being so excited. We left our house and a little down the road we received a phone call that he was spotted at the neighbors and we drove down there. Turns out the woman whose arms he was jumping into was my sisters! I would strongly recommend Ann to help with your pet because she has amazing abilities and does what she says she will do. She emailed me and was talking with him on her own time when I did not even ask her to. Thank You Ann for everything!!   Breanna

My name is Montana Gray - Mary Stoffel recommended I refer you to my friend Edie Sangiorgio to help her locate her lost kitty Figaro. I have followed with great delight your insights about Figaro's journeys so far. I must tell you that I am beyond impressed with your abilities to identify so clearly the places you have seen through Figaro's eyes that are near Edie's house. Your accuracy is uncanny. I have driven the areas you described and wanted to share the following:
Everything you have described so far is exactly as you described it -- the skating rink and lights - this adjacent to where Edie and Rich walk their dogs on a regular basis - right on the house with christmas lights still up - which happens to be located on a street named "cat tail" (how uncanny is that?) - in the are near the pond you described below the two story white house near a pond with ducks and a swan -the building with windows - which we believe is the school the street figaro crossed that was busy - this appears to be 14th street which separated the houses by the pond and the school pine trees in the yard of the building you described as single story with windows - this exactly fits the school and its surroundings the long bed truck with logs on it - Edie found the long bed truck and across the street were logs that appeared to have been recently dumped there and dumpsters (the old kind) nearby which do have place underneath for a cat to hide. Your ability to "remote view" the area near Edie's home is nothing short of extraordinary, Ann. Your gift is simply fabulous.
I am an intuitive also - but work primarily with people - so I know how amazing your abilities are. I also know it is encouraging to get confirmation when doing this kind of work - so I wanted to write you to re-affirm your accuracy. I truly want to see Figaro returned home - and you seeing him in a carrier or crate is the most encouraging news of all. I drove the areas you described yesterday and I could really feel Figaro - especially by the school yard with the trees and dumpster. When you spoke of him crossing the street, I again felt him on 14th street.

I am sending this to you as a confirmation and an affirmation and a prayer - that today, on Figaro's birthday, we have the happiest conclusion possible. I have already told Edie that we will write you the best testimonial you've ever received. More people need to know about you. I am sending a copy to Mary so she can also know that her recommendation has touched so many people.   Blessings and Peace, Montana Gray